Acetocaustin 0.5 ml

Acetocaustin The solution is applied to the skin.

Acetocaustin is used in the treatment of warts. Acetocaustin is used for common warts (Verrucae Vulgaris).
The absence of the physician stated, a small amount of preparation Acetocaustin once a week on a spatula spread the warts.
In particular around the wart healthy skin grease lightly adhesive, viscous cream (eg Vaseline or zinc ointmen), as it will prevent from burning Acetocaustin effects. After a small amount of Acetocaustin special spatula, apply on the warts. As Acetocaustin is very corrosive, must be applied only to a wart and then leave it to dry. Maximum area that can be treated with this drug is 2 cm2. If, depending on the size and type of warts , several treatment sessions before the next procedure, the affected area should be washed with warm water.

Special Note: Acetocaustin solution accidentally contacts the skin healthy, it must be immediately washed with water. If skin irritation occur, it should be treated as burns. If only growing discomfort, consult your doctor.

Active substance: Acetic acid monochloridine (monochloroacetic acid). The active ingredient is acetic acid monochloridine. 100mg of this solution is 50 mg of acetic acid monochloridines. The other ingredient is purified water.

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